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C o m m i s s i o n s

I am available as a painter for commissions of all sorts. Send me your ideas and I will see if I can make it work for you. I can make it as classical or crazy as you like.

Just a few examples of what I offer are:

- Animal guide portraits (a person with animal of choice)

- Family portraits

- Couples portraits ( LGBTIQ inclusive <3)

- Animal/pet portraits

- Natural landscapes

- Botanical illustrations


Price depends on size and detail but I am happy to work out a payment plan. I require a 50% deposit before beginning the work, the rest to be payed upon completion.


Please get in touch at least 4 months before you would like the work completed. Depending on the detail and size of the work it can take anywhere from 1-6 months to complete a painting.


All paintings are executed in oil on wood panel using glazing techniques. Wood panel being my preferred painting support due to it's inability to be punctured, stretched or weakened over time in comparison to canvas. I prefer to paint from high resolution images if possible.

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