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'In The Dreams of a Silent Sage The Spiders Crawl'
2015, oil on wood panel, 60x40cm



A long, long way from home
the white lines illuminated
the path that is infinite
where above 
the sky faded
into an ultramarine haze
that melted into an orange
deep like blood
beyond the lonely traveler
a star fell across the windshield
in the blackness
above the blue
The lonely traveler
dances with the white rabbit
across the landscape
of the rainbow serpent
that swallows the unconscious
and spits out the venom
of the ego
In the dreams of a silent sage
the spiders crawl
They speak in a geometric language
that vibrates through the web
the grid inside; the invisible thread
that reaches the center
and teaches us of a harmony
that we gain through conflict
it is the battle of our hearts
to be liberated and transcend
The moth flies 
always towards the light
blindly it seeks the warmth
of the cosmic fire

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