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"September marched through smearing everything with oil paint: acres of cardamon yellow, burnt orange, miles of sienna, blue ravines both cerulean and midnight, along with heartbreakingly violet skies." - Toni Morrison

I found this quote just now and can't really explain how perfectly it sums up my life at the moment. I think I'm feeling a bit in love with Spring because the magpies are singing and there are flowers and new growth everywhere. Change is blowing on the warm wind and taking me somewhere new. I'm scared and excited and expectant. I'm seeing life in the intense colours that I paint and gradient pastel skies and warm conversations over cups of tea. I feel my life opening up and my heart is overflowing with beauty and some nostalgia for things I haven't lost yet but will. I fall asleep and dream of a heartfelt embrace that lasts for hours and leaves me full of love and I think what a gift it is to fall asleep and dream of simply being held by another human being. I wake up and paint stars for you over a lilac and violet sky, and in my tiny but overflowing heart, I dance and dance while the magpies sing of home.

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