September 27/28th Full Moon

September 27, 2015



Happy full moon beautiful people :)
Tonight, the 27th, we have a Harvest Moon, a Super Moon and a Blood Moon, as well as an Eclipse which is the last of the four blood moon eclipses we have had since April last year. We won't see another of these moons for over 15 years. It's a time of letting go of anything holding you back, of breaking away from negativity and the ego, and moving forward into better ways of seeing and being. It's a time to claim your dreams and anything you want to achieve without fear. You are loved and protected, and enough. You are enough.


I really feel this on a personal level. I have had dreams the past few nights about fears of mine that have come to the surface. One of those fears is that I'm going to finish art school and not be able to find a job and end up sitting around wasting my life while watching everyone around me moving on and doing amazing things. This is probably one of my biggest fears in life. It's part of my constant comparison to people, watching people online and thinking how amazing their lives are. I know it's not true and I know I'm on the right path. I know I will get everything I want, even if it takes a little bit longer. My life is freaking amazing. I know it is. I'm so happy with what I have. I'm so blessed and I'm so grateful. I nearly cry sometimes with how grateful I feel for everything I am given, even if its just a bee flying past my face or breathing in the scent of lavender. I need to envelop myself in these things more. And know deep down that it is enough just to be cutting up oranges for lunch or having a beautiful conversation with my niece or going shopping with my love. These are all beautiful things. Simple, humble, amazing life. Life as it is most of the time for people: crumbs from toast on your plate, buying bananas in the supermarket, hanging up wet clothes on the line. It's not always going to be climbing mountains or driving down new highways and sleeping in tents in the middle of forests as much as we want it to be. And this is ok. It is seriously ok. I know I will find a job, maybe not straight away but I will. I know I will move out with my love and find a house with a yard for our fur child, maybe not straight away but we will. I know I will climb mountains and drive down new highways and sleep in tents in the middle of forests, maybe not straight away but I will. And this is what the full moon has taught me;


I will.


I was driving home just before along the coast road in the dark with the moon shining its silver light onto the ocean below me and I had my music up loud with my window open. There was no traffic for once and it was just me and the road I know off my heart and my little car that flows through me like a part of my body. I was laughing and smiling and yelling and singing to the moon like a wolf. Like a girl.


I hope this full moon brings you everything you want. Maybe not straight away, but it will.

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