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Summer Storm

Golden hour on a balmy summer night, cicadas singing from the trees as the last rays of sun light up the sky. It was a thick cushion glowing soft orange, casting pastel light onto our skin. I was drunk and giddy on the feel of the silence that descended from the ever-present sense of heaven, or just some feeling of there being something upwards; something that pulls and tugs at our core, whispering and coaxing us back into the air. There was lightening in the distance and I raced out the back door to feel the earth's expectancy; preparing itself for the inundation. The breath in.. waiting. Mum came outside and stood with me in natures moment of silence, both of us sentinels to the onrush. And then the sky opened up and the wind washed over us, cooling the fire of the golden twilight. I looked up at the three huge gums as the rain came down and their leaves were falling like snow. I held my arms up and laughed, trying to catch them. The rain fell on my palms and I licked it off, wanting to taste the sky. I looked at my mum and she was silent with a smile of wonderment on her face. We went inside as the sun started to sink behind the horizon line and I watched the rain from inside, rushing down the glass, my cactus babies on the window silhouetted against the remaining glow of dusk. I was sunkissed and warm and so overwhelmed by the nolstalgic sense of summer nights from my childhood, with christmas lights and sun showers, winds of change blowing in the night. And I wondered where they will take me next..

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