I am I

October 18, 2016


I feel like my life this year has been defined by memories draped in love and nature. So much love that it's bursting from my heart and expanding, growing, gently outwards to you. I am filled with such grief for the things that had to come to an end through my growth, and for my heart to heal. I dance in love, never staying still, like the tide dances with the shore. Washing away old patterns and beliefs, embracing change. I have grown into my heart. Through all the loss, I feel so happy knowing that my grief is a mirror for all the love shared. When I cry from loss, I cry from happiness at how grateful I am to have felt that love in the first place. I can feel my heart expanding and my roots spreading into the earth, learning and healing the child that lives within me. I've entered into my personal power. I have claimed and taken responsibility for my energy and my body. I walk with the four legged one by my side who watches over me and shows me how to flow with grace and power. Purposefully moving with my three eyes seeing the path I need to take, whether I realise it as I place one foot in front of the other. I journey into the forest of tall trees and moss, I melt into the purple galaxies spiraling outwards, I dive inside the aqua and teal aurora and touch the deep, primordial ocean, the endless blue of our soul. The whale greets me as an old friend, both of us ancient workers of light. The spring sun coaxes tiny blossoms out of their warm slumber and I walk with my feet in the earth. I stare into the heart of the sun and feel myself blossom. I am lavender and wisteria swaying in the wind; purple, lilac dreams. I am the cycles of the moon, waxing and waning every month, a forever dance of letting go. I am both child and ancient, a collection of polarities. I am alive and I am thankful for every embrace, every journey, every tear, every laugh. I am I. Zoe Rayne; a faerie, a madman, an eternal creative force. I claim my power, my humanness, my raw, flawed self. Thank you. Thank you Thank you. I love you.

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