The Girl who Jumped into the Void.

In a realm that exists in the space between dreams lived a tiny human who was always traveling about. She was an especially small child with hair as long as she was that always smelt of cloves and lavender, and sometimes earth after rain. After living quite a solitary life of travel the little girl felt a calling that came from within that coaxed her away from her wanderings, and whispered to her that she should walk the deep orange spiral and find the wise one within. So she set off alone and walked around and around the spiral until in the middle she found herself very surprised to come across a human heart. She decided to pick up the heart, and as she held it in her hands, she closed her eyes and slowly started to feel the hypnotic beat filling her with warmth. When the little girl opened her eyes she discovered she was in the most beautiful garden she had ever seen, with a cleared dirt pathway twisting and turning through it. The richest smells and sounds of spring were in the air; jasmine and lavender wafting in the warm wind that the tiny insects flew on. Bees buzzed happily around the little girl and landed on her shoulders, telling the story of the plants and the forever cycle of growth and death that they witness every year. Following the pathway, she walked for a while enjoying the luscious garden until she came across a bench where an ancient looking woman was sitting. The little girl came to sit next to the old woman and they silently embraced like old friends. They held each other and whispered words of unconditional love and care, of courage and the journey ahead. Eventually as they held each other in their timeless embrace, for those watching like the bees and the old magpie in the tree, they saw the little girl and the old woman slowly morph into the one person. As the light danced across her body, they would see the flicker between the little girl and the old woman.

The little girl felt the wise old woman coaxing her further along the pathway until she found herself in the middle of a huge old forest filled with every colour of the rainbow; cerulean blue, cobalt violet, rich ochre's and the brightest magenta's were just a few that adorned the forest. Sitting among all the colour were a tribe of animals of all different sorts; a bear, fox, tiny hummingbird, a huge tiger and many other creatures, who all became excited and loud as she entered the clearing where they lived. As the little girl was so used to being alone, she quickly became overwhelmed and anxious, and ran to the nearest tree which had a perfectly sized door that she closed behind her and hid. She howled and sobbed, hugging herself and leaning her head against the side of the tree for support. She was questioning the wise woman, wondering why she had come here and how she could go on. Eventually her sobs quieted and her tears ceased to flow as heavily, and she crept out of the tree and back to the clearing. Although she was anxious about going back, she knew that there was a hidden possibility of something amazing, like a tiny seed beginning to sprout, if she could just overcome her fear.

As she came to the clearing she could see none of the animals anymore, as a huge ultramarine void had opened up before her. It was so wide and so deep it seemed to engulf everything in her view. Terrified, she ran the opposite direction, deeper into the forest where it was dark and she could hardly see. As she ran she saw faces in the darkness, horrible faces that appeared warped and melted, and she cried out and huddled close to herself, feeling alone and frightened to the point of madness.

Time passed slowly for the little girl and she dwelt in this near mad state for what felt like years, but slowly she began to force her exhausted, bleeding body to crawl back to the clearing to seek the abyss. She knew it was calling her, this strange ultramarine void. She was scared of what was lurking underneath, this power that was calling her. She could hear it whispering through the forest.. “Come home.. come home..”

Eventually she found her way back.

She took a deep breath.

And she jumped.

The little girl has yet to tell her story of what happened in the void space, in that deep blue that was calling to her since she was the seed of a star, a being of light that is far beyond our comprehension. There is no grasping how much time passed for her in that space, or where she went, as time and this realm didn’t exist where she dwelt.

But one day she emerged.

Except she was no longer tiny, she was huge like an ancient sequoia tree, like a tree that has lived and seen the earth change shape and the sky open up from darkness to light. She had huge roots that went so deep into the earth that that could wrap around the entire world and hold it close. Her branches went so high into the sky they touched the source of divine light that came down through her branches and infused her whole body with golden light that radiated outwards to all that was near. Inside her chest the garden grew, with bees that used her body as a home, reminding her that every tiny thing has its own unique purpose. In one of her hands she held the heart, but she held it strong like a staff, a gift of her vulnerability. In her other hand, she held a paint brush and used all the colours in the forest to paint her dreams and wanderings; this was her way of storytelling, a dance of colour and form which she brought to life on the wood from the forest. Flowing from her eyes were tears that over time made a river that flowed through the forest. Any of the animals that came to drink from the river of tears were healed of their pain.

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