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Mountain Home.

August always brings change that blows in on the cold wind of Winter’s last breath, until the wheel turns again. I followed my callings through my bloodline, feeling the quiet insistent whispering to heal the wounds inflicted upon my ancestors, to connect again with those who came before me. I spent weeks bedridden with illnesses, and cut off my hair to invite change into my life and to unweave the old contracts I made with myself to believe that my physical form defined my worth. I grew and grew and grew. - I am nesting in our mountain cottage, like the bowerbirds that visit the huge maple tree in our backyard, I gather precious items around myself, like paint and tea and feathers. I spend my mornings watching the huge clouds fly past in the sky, imagining that the mountains sent them to me as a gift. The currawongs and cockatoos create a cacophony of sound as the old lady next door feeds them every morning, and I watch the rosellas and lorikeets splash around in our bird bath. I lie in the sun naked reading fantasy novels and writing in my journal until my skin is glowing. It snows sometimes and I run outside to twirl around in the flakes that disappear the moment they touch the ground, feeling their icy chill on my cold nose. My love and I make art together and write love notes to find around the house; we make love and we fight and we grow together as we both follow our own callings apart and together. I climb to the tops of the mountains on my own and look at all the trees spread out to the horizon in a vista that leaves me astounded every time. The freezing air on top of the cliff edge cuts through my skin as I laugh at how grateful I feel for these moments. I let go of my grief to leave behind a beautiful wounded family, and know in my heart that they are protected by angels and ancestors. I love and love and love. I am creating and living in silent ritual, of movement, of pain, of growth. I can feel the earth waking up from its Winter sleep, and so my cells do the same. Nesting into this space, I let my soul thrive and my life unfold with ease and grace.

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