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'The Evensong of the Hummingbird'

2015, oil on wood panel, 60x90cm


In the everlasting In-between

I fell inside the blue

ultramarine, turquoise, ocean, sky

the Ajna, the Visuddha

enfolding and encompassing

the part of me (the part of you)

that doesn't understand

why the lost ones

won't come home


The Vixen wanders the spaces of our dreams

where silence hangs in the air like mist

she walks on the cloudy waters

that ripple outwards

connecting and joining

the memories of the ancestors

she glides through open doorways 

and dark ruins

a mystery of the sleeping world


Tiny, humble soul

inside your beautiful heart

maybe forgotten, maybe asleep

is the wounded healer..




The lessons of the children

who can hear trees dancing

and the soft, gentle song

of the river

hold the answers

to the questions you can't ask



In the eternal twilight

the hummingbird sings its evensong

a prayer for the lonely travelers

a gift for their journey

as they make their way

into the blue

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