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'The Journey of the Queen Who Found Herself in the Mist' 
2015, oil on wood panel, 76x56cm


The mist danced
over the sleeping earth
it sifted into the depths
into the cracks
like a sigh
In the silence of the forest
the traveller walks
In the shadows of ancient ones
she sees her fate
etched into the skin
of her child inside
the pure heart, the lonely one
crying out but silent
"take me home.."
The mother hears and sorrows
her child, her heart
she is the queen of dreams
her temple cut open
in a sacrifice
for the humble souls of life
they crawl into the forgotten places
inside the archaic earth
where only the mist has been
The sage understands
where trees dream
she glows like silver tears
of fallen stars and morning dew
gathering on the wings of her children
whose home tells of the mysteries
of creation

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