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'The Lore of the Dream Walker'

2015, oil on wood panel, 80x60cm



In the pale light of evening
the sky lit up with fire
that brutally danced inside
the hearts of the watchers
who wept for the earth
and the lost children
that perished in the flames
although the shadows fall
in the truest of souls
the beauty of the stars
can only be seen in the darkness
Across the cracks of the land
the bear strode towards me
ultramarine like the predawn sky
bright like the white light of the sun
it came in silence
but told much
Through the window
the dead tree stood tall
a sentinel 
in the barren landscape
tiny ants crawled into its empty spaces
giving life to the dead

The wanderer walked in the wind
before the ocean 
above the earth
in the ancient ruins
of those who came before
the bear spoke its wisdom
the lore of the guide
the healer
to save the wounded ones
"Even in the dark of night
look to the dance of the sun
like a snake it coils
ready to jump from the heights
and transform."

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