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'The Wounded Healer'

2015, oil on wood panel, 100x70cm

For Sale - $680

Black was the path they walked

a darkness unescapable for the hopeless

but they came like a will o' the wisp

a light that broke through the gloom

overwhelmed and surrounded by the desires

of those who can't remember

that they are

as a wave is to the ocean;


and one


The lonely traveller

so beautifully human

weary, bleeding and heartsore

walks step by step

on a pilgrimage

to climb to the heights

of the great mountain

weeping and smiling

she feels the weight of her body

being carried upward

pain and release intertwine

as the earth fades from her view


The wounded healer is born

from our empathy

their pain is our pain

a guide for the lost

as we show them their way home

how painful it is to remember

when memory is forgotten

but this is our burden to bear

in the new age


The blind eye sees beyond the shell

it watches and reminds us

of our truth; our will to good

blue its delicate wings are

delicate in their perfection

we are the chrysalis

on the verge of transformation

as we take a deep breath in

we remember

as we release

we are one



in a cascade of white light

spiralling up the body

as it flies over the earth

the hands of the healer

fade into the sky

like a breath exhaled

disintegrating into air


how indescribable

to come home

after all this time

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